Not your typical freediving school

We have all spent 9 months of our lives in a liquid very similar to sea water. A recent born baby is not only able to swin but also to hold his/her own breath for around 45 seconds. Humans are mamals, and mamals were designed to live both on land and underwater. Conditioning and fear are the only reasons why we moved away from one of our natural habitats.

Learning how to freedive can be very rewarding for people who are seeking challenges or extreme sensations, people who are trying to connect with their inner selves, seekers, or simply the curious ones.

At Agos Apnea, we believe that freediving is not about numbers, nor about competition or pushing the limits of the human body. Freediving is more of an inward journey, relaxing, letting go, and eventually reconnecting with forgotten sensations and a deeper sense of oneself. To freedive is to reconnect with that part of yourself that is made of water.



This is a 2-day foundation course that covers the basics of freediving. It includes breathing, relaxation, physiology, equipment, equalization, freediving technique and safety.

Advanced Freediver

This advanced freediving course is designed to equip freedivers with the knowledge and skills to become proficient freedivers. Students will learn to become energy efficient, to prepare their bodies for pressure, to train on land and in the water, to perform advanced equaliwation techniques, to organize and run training sessions, and to do it all safely!

Surf Apnea

This is a breath-hold course specifically designed for surfers and water users who encounter big surf conditions and are forced to hold their breath. This course focuses on breathing and breath-hold techniques, physiology, and safety. All of which are tailored to surf conditions.


Freediving Morocco Belyounech

We are world travelers and we freedive and teach in different parts of the world. Currently we are based in Morocco and we do most of our diving in little charming village in northern Morocco called Belyounech. The spot has very easy access to suitable depth and great visibility. Stay tuned, more to come!

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