We love freediving and we LOVE spreadING the love

Pure Apnea

Pure Apnea is a commercial membership organization committed to developing freediving as a sport and as a recreational activity. 

Pure Apnea ratifies freediving records set under its own rules and regulations and offers a modern, progressive freediving education system focused on high standards and safety. 

Pure Apnea aims to inspire, educate and support newcomers to freediving, experienced freedivers, instructors and competitive athletes alike.


Otmane discovered freediving through spearfishing the mediterranean sea of Morocco back in 2011. He has been traveling since then until he ended up the Philippines to concentrate on freediving. 

He has started his Pure Apnea master course in late 2013 to finish 6 months later as a Pure Apnea instructor. Otmane dives to a depth of 41 meters and has a static breath hold of 4m15s. He has been traveling and sharing one his biggest passions since then.

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